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Amanda Dickerson RPG

Dead Sea Murder

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Dead Sea Murder


Dead Sea Murder
by Amanda Dickerson
Category: Roleplaying adventure
Genre: Pulp mystery
System: Fudge Terra Incognita
Page count: 47

In 1947 the world was stunned by the discovery of ancient scrolls hidden in caves not far from where the city of Qumran once thrived. These documents, some written as early as 250 B.C., were hailed as one of the most important archaeological discoveries of the twentieth century. The Dead Sea Scrolls, as they were soon to be called, reportedly hadn't been seen by human eyes for two thousand years.

The members of the National Archaeological, Geographic, and Submarine Society know better.

Dead Sea Murder is a scenario for Grey Ghost Games' pulp adventure setting, Terra Incognita, which uses the Fudge system. Fudge's adjective-based trait system makes the adventure easy to convert for use with other pulp roleplaying games.

Price: $4.00 electronic copy
E-book format: Adobe Acrobat®